Our servo drives are used in various wafer processing equipment, including CMP (Chemical Mechanical Planarization) machines. Manufacturers of wafer handling robots are amongst our key customers, taking advantage of AIS’s capability to provide products that minimize robot footprint while maximizing functionality.
Semiconductor device fabrication involves multiple process steps during which electronics circuits are created on a wafer made of semiconducting material. Fabrication is performed in specialized facilities referred to as fabs. Material handling systems move the wafers around the fab in containers called FOUPs. Wafer handling robots move the wafers from the FOUPs into the processing machines, and out again after processing. Wafer dicing machines separate the circuits created on the wafer into individual chips, and wire bonding machines wire the terminals on the chips to the terminals on the chip package. Precision motion control is critical in preventing wafer defects as well as maximizing wafer processing throughput.